Creative Meeting & Event Themes

GalleryWe focus on giving your guests a glorious experience, a true moment of recognition and acknowledgement for their own unique contributions to your company.  The program will be remembered years after the excitement of the events fade.   If we had to describe our programs in one sentence, we would say, “Motivating, touching, inspiring and rejuvenating”. Simply put, we don’t do boring meetings, and our programs are a true celebration of achievement. Some of the meeting themes we have created include the following:

“Taking the Lead for Sales Success” – a triumphant strategy for a sales
meeting theme which plays in the pop culture dance craze that has taken over
America, this ballroom themed program is sexy, elegant and inspiring.

“Step Up to the Plate” – a fun, approachable and educational baseball themed program designed to maximize results based on team effort.

“All That Jazz” – a funny, sexy custom program, designed to acknowledge
superior market segment sales skills …think “killin’ the competition”, “give them the ole Razzle Dazzle”.

“Shake It Up” – a racy program with a Latin flair, designed to incorporate
new vision in a sales strategy; also appropriate to help your sales team
embrace changing structure within a corporation.

“Defying Gravity” – a high tech program designed to impress; this program
acknowledges past success while encouraging aggressive future goals.

“Mission: Possible” – a fast paced custom program designed to entertain,
motivate and excite your sales team.